8 Scientific Reasons Why Santa Is Totally Real 3 years ago

8 Scientific Reasons Why Santa Is Totally Real

Do you still scan the skies on Christmas Eve after the children have gone to bed?

Do you feel an inkling of magic on the 25th as you admire the twinkly lights and the twinkly happy faces? Read on, Christmas revellers, for somewhere, something exciting is happening this December.

In the spirit of Christmas cheer, unbridled optimism and simply for kicks, we have delved into the science behind Santa and the results are...fascinating.

1. Flying reindeer could actually exist.

Currently on earth, there are no known species of reindeer that can fly. HOWEVER, there are 300,000 species of living organisms yet to be classified, thus not completely ruling out the flying reindeer theory beloved by millions across the world. Plus, only Santa can see them. This also doesn't rule out the fact that magic acorns could exist, therefore normal reindeers could eat them and become flying reindeer. Simples.

2. He is tracked by a bonafide Government Agency

Every year NORAD tracks Santa's movements across the world. We have all seen the radar shots of him flying from the North Pole towards China. The North American Aerospace Defense Command even uses military sensors and technology. You can see for yourself here.

3.  Anne Doyle Says So

Every year we tune into the 9 O 'Clock news on the 24th where Anne Doyle announces in her own eloquent way that Father Christmas has departed the North Pole. She even gives us a weather update. Everyone knows that whatever she says is gospel, right?

4. We give gifts even when we are biologically designed to be selfish so that must be magic. 

Being generous is a waste of time. At least, according to our genes. Why do we give away valuable resources to other humans when we could keep them for ourselves? Altruism is the very proof that magic trumps biology every time. Some say it is evolutionary useful for us to create networks that eventually come back to benefit us. However, that doesn't explain why we gift to strangers who we may never meet again, we donate and we often just think of others on the day. In your face, scrooge.

Little boy opening Christmas present

5. The sleigh theory explained

I am no scientist, but I do remember Einstein said that time does strange things as you move faster. Remember, when you go faster than the speed of light time can run backwards which become a straight line projection and folds thus totally proving that Santa is faster than the speed of light. Don't say you can't go faster than the speed of light because.....Star Trek.

6. Why doesn't his sleigh vaporise if he is going that fast?

Hello, ever heard of an ion-shield? These charged particles are held together by a magnetic field which surround his entire sleigh. No heat problem here.

7. How does he have time to go to every house? 

Looking after 700 million children in one night isn't the easiest of tasks. So Old Saint Nic travels from East to West - this gives him 31 hours approx to delivery every gift. Not an easy task by any means. But we are not talking about any old Santa, this is the real deal. Again, Einsteins theory of relativity can be used to calculate that he has just one millisecond per house.

Totally doable.

8. Why we can't hear Santa arrive

The Doppler effect says that the frequency of sound increases as the source moves towards to the listener and a decrease in pitch as it moves away. Like the change in pitch when an ambulance passes by. Ditto for Santa's bells.

Santa relies on some impressive gadgets to achieve his yearly goal. Surveillance devices, time-warp, flying robots, the laws of physics.

Don't forget it isn't always presents he brings. It is something different for everyone. It might be a spark of badly needed joy into somebody's life, it might be a sprinkle of hope for someone who needs a boost or a quiet moment of reflection between turkey sandwiches.

Sometimes it is things in the unobservable universe that are the most important - and the most magic of all.

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