Amy Huberman is homeschooling her kids – like the rest of us – and here's how it's going 2 years ago

Amy Huberman is homeschooling her kids – like the rest of us – and here's how it's going

Well, here we all are – back to homeschooling. Again.

I think it's needless to say that every parent in Ireland right now are really hoping they'll bump those teachers up on the vaccination lists.

However, while we wait for that, homeschooling it is. And I must admit, there is comfort in numbers, knowing we really are all in it together.

Earlier this week, Amy Huberman shared her own hilarious homeschooling experience – as a mum of two school-age children and a newborn – and her followers loved it.

Taking to Twitter to share her experience, Huberman shared that she wanted to apologise to her two kids, Sadie and Billy, for turning up late to school as that she had “a tiny v loud assistant”.

Hilarious as always, the mum-of-three's full tweet read:

“This teacher would like to apologize to her students for turning up late, in pjs, with a tiny v loud assistant in tow* and failing herself to be able to actually add two and two together.


“*the baby. Not the husband. Just to be clear.”

Her followers were quick to reply, praising the actress for trying to find the funny in yet another lockdown, and keeping our collective mood lighter.

One follower wrote, “Too funny! Huge congrats, you must be wrecked.”

While another one commented, “If you managed to call the roll, that’s enough for one day. It’s midterm break tomorrow so all good.”

Pointing out that surely having just had a baby should give Huberman a 'free pass' as far as being a teacher is concerned:

“I’m sure you should be on maternity leave.”

Huberman welcomed her third child, a little boy they called Ted, with husband Brian O'Driscoll, just a couple of weeks back.


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