Amy Schumer is all of us when it comes to dealing with toddlers and screen time 2 years ago

Amy Schumer is all of us when it comes to dealing with toddlers and screen time

Keeping it real.

We love keeping up with Amy Schumer on Instagram. The actress and mum-of-one is keeping things very real and relatable when it comes to parenting – and we are loving her for it.

Last week, Schumer shared a video to the social media channel where she claimed she was cutting back on screen time at home.

As Schumer relaxed, she said in the video, "So every family has different rules, and it's all about what works for you. So we decided to do no screen time at all for our son and just guide him more toward things like adorable books. So every family is different, but we just don't believe in screen time."


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However – as we all know – when it comes to parenting, the ideal can often get tested a bit when it comes to dealing with reality.

Seconds later, Schumer then panned the camera over to her nearly 2-year-old son standing in front of the television, completely ignoring her. She asked him if he wanted to read a book, and naturally, the tot was far too distracted by the TV to answer his mum.

Oh, how nice it is to see this reality from celebrities too. Because you know what, it can be easy to feel guilty when you see all these mums come up with video after video of homemade sensory bins or arts and crafts projects, and you feel too excited to manage anything more than put on an episode of Paw Patrol!


Thank you, Amy – for making all of us feel a little bit more relaxed about our parenting game.