Is your little one's nose congested? Here's how to help clear it up 2 years ago

Is your little one's nose congested? Here's how to help clear it up

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They'll be feeling better in no time.

At the moment, we're all on high alert for cold symptoms and the like. Although, it's important to remember that, while it's always good to be cautious, usually a cold is just that - a cold.

Especially when it comes to babies; they're always getting their little noses clogged up and most of the time, all that's required is a quick treatment to get them back to their usual laughing selves.

While nose congestion is pretty common in babies and toddlers, it can still be annoying for them. Just like with us, a clogged nose makes it more difficult to breathe freely and it often disrupts sleep and makes eating less pleasant.

Of course, when babies are not feeling the greatest, they tell us in the best way that they know how - by crying. So, really, it's in everyone's best interest to get those little noses back to working order pronto.

Clonmel Healthcare has a product that will just do that. Clear Little Noses is an isotonic nasal cleansing solution that is 100 percent natural and entirely preservative-free, so you can rest easy knowing that there's no yucky stuff going into your little one's body.


The drops are used to aid congestion and they also work to prevent colds and other ENT complications, so if your baby often gets a clogged nose right before a full-blown cold breaks out, Clear Little Noses can help stop it before it even starts.

As we all know, a congested nose often means the skin around our nostrils gets red and dried up so the solution has a moisturising effect to help combat that.

If your baby's nose is congested, all you have to do is give your little one a few drops of the solution once daily and let it do its work by cleansing those little nostrils and preserving the natural balance of the nasal mucosa. It's as simple as that and the solution is suitable for any baby over one month of age.

You can pick up the Clear Little Noses at your local pharmacy. Or, if your child is a bit older, there is also a Clear Kids Noses nasal cleansing spray for children aged three or over.

There's no reason that something as simple as a blocked nose needs to make life difficult for us or for Baby.

Brought to you by Clear Little Noses