Better mark the calendars, here is a list of the best movies on telly over Christmas 3 years ago

Better mark the calendars, here is a list of the best movies on telly over Christmas

Ah, the holidays.

The one time of the year where it is totally acceptable to eat chocolate in your PJs while watching movies first thing in the morning.

Between December 22 and January 2, there are some amazing movies headed to the telly - and we've rounded up some of our favourites.

Tuck into your selection box and feast your eyes on some of these delights.

December 22

Bridge to Terabithia at 8.45am on Channel 4

The Muppets at 10am on BBC Two

Cars 2 at 11.35am on BBC Two

Hachi: A Dog's Tale at 12 on Channel 4

A Cinderella Story at 1pm on Comedy Central

Penguins of Madagascar at 1.40pm on BBC One

Father of the Bride at 1.45pm on Channel 4

Peter Pan at 2.50pm on ITV2

Kung Fu Panda at 3pm on BBC One

Johnny English Reborn at 5pm on ITV2

Chicken Run at 5pm on Virgin Media Two

Mariah Carey's a Christmas Melody at 5.20pm on Channel 5

Crocodile Dundee at 6.10 on Channel 4

Star Wars: Episode VI The Return of the Jedi at 6.30pm on UTV

Arthur Christmas at 6.35pm on RTÉ One

Pitch Perfect 2 at 9pm on Channel 4

Die Hard 2 at 9.35pm on RTÉ 2

Gone Girl at 10pm on Alibi

The Guard at 10.05pm on RTÉ One

December 23

The Rugrats Movie at 6.55am on Channel 4

Big Daddy at 10am on Comedy Central

A Christmas Carol at 1.30pm on BBC One

Up at 3.25pm on BBC One

Men in Black at 4.30pm on Channel 4

Elf at 4.55pm on ITV2

Alice in Wonderland at 5.20pm on BBC Two


Men in Black II at 6.20pm on Channel 4

Scrooge at 6.40pm on Channel 5

How the Grinch Stole Christmas at 7pm on ITV2

Casino Royale at 9pm on UTV

A Date For Mad Mary at 9pm on Virgin Media One

The Holiday at 9.30pm on RTÉ One

December 24

Rugrats in Paris at 6.40am on Channel 4

A Christmas Carol at 11.45am on Channel 4

ET The Extra-Terrestrial at 12.25pm on RTÉ2

How the Grinch Stole Christmas at 12.55pm on UTV

Romeo & Juliet at 1pm on BBC Two

Monsters University at 13.20pm on BC One

The Muppets at 1.40pm on RTÉ One

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone at 2.35pm on RTÉ2

Zootropolis at 2.55pm on BBC One

Miracle on 34th Street at 3.35pm on RTÉ One

Despicable Me 2 at 4.55pm on ITV2

Mary Poppins at 5pm on BBC One

Jurassic World at 5.50pm on RTÉ 2

The LEGO Movie at 7.05pm on ITV2

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation at 9pm on Virgin Media Two

Gremlins at 9.30pm on UTV

Sing Street at 10.20pm on RTÉ 2

December 25

Rise of the Guardians at 7.30am on BBC Two

Enchanted at 8.20am on RTÉ One

Finding Nemo at 10.25am on RTÉ 2

Night at the Museum at 10.30am on Virgin Media One

Home Alone at 2.55pm on RTÉ One

The Jungle Book at 3.10pm on BBC One


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets at 3.40pm on RTÉ 2

The Muppet Christmas Carol at 4pm on Channel 4

The Wizard of Oz at 4.05pm on Virign Media One

Monsters Inc at 4.10pm on UTV

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York at 5.40pm on Channel 4

Elf at 5.40pm on ITV2

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory at 6.10pm on RTÉ 2

The Greatest Showman at 6.45pm on Sky One

Star Wars: The Force Awakens at 6.50pm on RTÉ One

The Devil Wears Prada at 9.15pm on e4

Bridget Jones's Diary at 9.15pm on Virgin Media One

Gladiator at 9.15pm on more4

Runaway Jury at 9.20pm on Alibi

Deadpool at 11pm on RTÉ 2

Love Actually at 11.10pm on RTÉ One

December 26

Happy Feet Two at 10.45am on ITV2

The Witches at 11.05am on UTV

Never Been Kissed at 11.55am on E4

Raiders of the Lost Ark at 1.25pm on BBC One

Saving Mr Banks at 2.30pm on BBC Two

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban at 3.25pm on RTÉ 2

Cinderella at 3.55pm on RTÉ One

The Lego Movie at 4.55pm on ITV2

The BFG at 5.40pm on BBC One

Mrs Doubtfire at 5.45pm on Channel 4

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at 5.50pm on RTÉ 2

Zootropolis at 6.25pm on RTÉ One

Quantum of Solace at 8pm on UTV

Bridesmaids at 9pm on ITV2

Gone Girl at 9pm Alibi

The Commitments at 9pm on Virgin Media One


Ant-Man at 9.35pm on RTÉ 2

The Magnificent Seven at 9.50pm on RTÉ One

Dirty Dancing at 10pm on Channel 5

Love Actually at 10.20pm on UTV

December 27

Chicken Run at 10am on Virgin Media Two

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa at 10.50am on BBC One

Ever After: A Cinderella Story at 1.10pm on Channel 4

Indiana ones and the Temple of Doom at 1.30pm on BBC One

Back to the Future at 1.45pm on RTÉ One

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at 3.20pm on RTÉ 2

Back to the Future II at 3.50pm on RTÉ One

Ella Enchanted at 4.45pm win TV@

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at 5.45pm on RTÉ 2

The Golden Compass at 6.40pm on ITV2

Pitch Perfect at 9pm on ITV2

The Night Before at 10pm on Comedy Central

Argo at 10.30pm on RTÉ 2

Meet the Fockers at 11.25pm on BBC One

December 28

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted at 10.25am on BBC One

Kindergarten Cop at 10.25am on UTV

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade at 1.15pm on BBC One

Raiders of the Lost Ark at 1.35pm on RTÉ One

Happy Feet Two at 2.15pm on ITV2

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom at 3.40pm on RTÉ One

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 at 3.45pm on RTÉ 2

Wreck-It Ralph at 4.10pm on BBC One

Casper at 4.20pm on ITV 2

Kung Fu Panda at 6pm on Virgin Media Two

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 at 6.15pm on RTÉ 2


Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows at 9pm on ITV2

December 29

Groundhog Day at 11.35am on Channel 5

The Mummy at 12.05pm on UTV

Never Been Kissed at 12.50pm on E4

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs at 1pm on Comedy Central

Chicken Run at 1.15pm on BBC One

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade at 1.20pm onRTÉ One

Ghostbusters 2 at 1.35pm on Channel 4

Die Another Day at 3.45pm on RTÉ 2

Ice Age at 4.45 on TG4

The BFG at 6.30pm on RTÉ One

Ant-Man at 7.50pm on BBC One

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues at 9pm on Channel 4

X-Men: The Last Stand at 9pm on E4

The Internship at 10pm on Comedy Central

About a Boy at 10.55pm on RG4

The Inbetweeners 2 at 11.20pm on Channel 4

December 30

Just My Luck at 10am on Comedy Central

The Mummy Returns at 11.25am on UTV

Bride Wars at 12pm on Comedy Centra

A Star Is Born (1937) at 12.45pm on TG4

13 Going On 30 at 1.25pm on RTÉ 2

Cinderella at 2.45pm on BBC One

ET The Extra-Terrestrial at 2.40pm on Channel 5

Edward Scissorhands at 3.30pm on Channel 4

Monsters Inc at 3.50pm on ITV2

How to Train Your Dragon 2 at 4.05pm on BBC One

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey at 5.30pm on RTÉ 2

Paddington at 5.40pm on Channel 4


Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens at 8pm on UTV

Pulp Fiction at 10pm on Comedy Central

December 31

Annie at 9.40am on RTÉ One

Dirty Dancing at 2.15pm on Channel 5

Big Hero 6 at 2.40pm on BBC One

Casper at 2.40pm on ITV2

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 at 3pm on Comedy Central

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug  at 3.15pm at RTÉ 2

The Wizard of Oz at 6pm on Virgin Media 2

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies at 6.05pm on RTÉ 2

New Year's Eve at 6.40pm on ITV2

Les Miserables at 8pm on more4

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie at 9pm on BBC One

Bridesmaids at 9pm on ITV2

The Inbetweeners Movie at 9pm on E4

January 1

ET The Extra-Terrestrial at 9.15am on Channel 5

The Golden Compass at 10.35am on ITV2

The Great Gatsby (1974) at 1pm on TG4

Daddy Day Car at 1pm on Comedy Central

Monsters Inc at 1.55pm on ITV2

Kung Fu Panda at 3pm on Virgin Media Two

The Devil Wears Prada at 4.45pm on E4

Inside Out at 5pm on BBC One

Madagascar at 5.10pm Virign Media One

Sister Act at 5.50pm on Channel 4

Titanic at 9pm on E4

Moulin Rouge! at 9.05pm on TG4

Avengers: Age of Ultron at 10.55pm on BBC One

The Revenant at 11pm on BBC Two


January 2

Liar Liar at 9.55am on ITV2

The Princess Bride at 1.35pm on RTÉ 2

101 Dalmatians at 3.50pm on RTÉ One

Forrest Gump at 9pm on Sky One

The Internship at 9pm on Comedy Central

Pitch Perfect at 9pm on ITV2