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20th Dec 2023

Are Christmas Eve Boxes worth the money or a total waste?

Kat O'Connor

Christmas is the most wonderful and expensive time of year.

So much focus has shifted to the gifts, the Insta-worthy pyjamas, and now, the Christmas Eve box.

The new tradition has grown in popularity in recent years and floods our Instagram feeds every December 24th.

But is it all just a big gimmick and another expense that’s putting parents under strain?

One mum believes they are a complete waste of money.

She said, “Who thought of this silly idea that kids need yet an extra gift before Christmas?

“Just seems like a waste of money and yet another way to teach your kids to expect this? Each to their own, if you got money to spend on stuff like this fine I guess.”

We reached out to our HerFamily readers to see what they thought of the trend.

A lot of readers felt like Christmas Eve boxes put parents under even more financial strain at Christmas. There’s always so much pressure for them to get their children top-of-the-range gifts, personalised pyjamas, and everything in between.

One reader shared, “I think it’s excessive. It waters down the magic of Santa’s gifts.”

“There’s no need for it at all. They’re getting so many presents the next day,” another said.

“There are already lots of treats in the house always for Christmas. They don’t need a special box on top of that and gifts.”

“You couldn’t keep up with everything. They’re already getting so much,” another mum wrote.

Others completely shut down the idea and said it was “ridiculous” and a “wasteful, stupid trend”.

It may not impress a huge chunk of parents, but many adore the idea of the Christmas Eve box.

One mum revealed her family has been following this tradition for over 40 years.

“I love them. They get jammies, new slippers and a little treat to have while watching a movie.”

Another mum shared, “I have done this since they were babies. My eldest is 23 now. My parents did it for us too.”

“I always give them to my niece and nephew, but only pyjamas and a small treat.”

Is it just a gimmick that forces parents to spend more money or a sweet tradition that’ll become the new norm?

I can’t help but feel these new trends are dampening what Christmas is truly about and making it solely about what looks good for Instagram.

What do you think?