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Family dynamics

15th Feb 2022

Is it wrong to curse at my 8-year-old daughter?

Is it ever okay to do this?

Our kids can get on our nerves at the best of times, but would you ever curse at them?

One mum admitted she stuck her middle finger up at her daughter after she annoyed her.

The mother told Mumsnet that her daughter was 8-years-old, but acts like a teenager.

“She made some such comment on the way home from school today so I flicked her the v out of pure frustration!”

“She didn’t see and even if she did probably has no idea what it means.”

“But another mother in the school run saw and I got the filthiest look!”

“I do tend to keep it just in the house usually but this week has been so very long and I completely forgot myself for a moment,” she said.

Mums said they’ve been there too and sometimes it has to be done.

One said that the mum who witnessed her will probably be the same one day.

However, others said it was so wrong. One even said she’d “judge horribly if I saw someone doing that”.

The mum added that she has never verbally cursed at her daughter.

“It was just frustration and annoyance at her attitude.”

She said it helped her “let off steam”.

“How would you feel if your partner did the same thing to you in front of the school mums? Would it be okay as long as you didn’t see it?

“How do you think your daughter will feel if the other mum’s kid tells her: “My mum said your mum is horrible ’cause she tells you to fuck off; my mum would never do that”?

What do you think? Do you agree with the mum or was she in the wrong?