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30th Sep 2015

Dad and stepdad stop daughter’s wedding for a very special reason

Sive O'Brien

Realising how awful it would feel to be left out of such a special moment, biological dad, Todd Bachman made the kindest gesture to his daughter’s stepdad on the day of her wedding.

“For me to thank him for all the years of helping raise OUR daughter wouldn’t be enough. There is no better way to thank somebody than to assist me walking her down the aisle,” he told USA Today.

So, as Stepdad Todd Cendrosky stood waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle, he felt a tug at his arm, as Brittany’s biological dad grabbed his hand.

The moment was captured by photographer Delia Blackburn, who said she was warned by the bride’s biological dad to be ready as he was going to do something special.

What a lovely and selfless act. It’s no surprise that the photos quickly went viral after being posted on Facebook.