Have you ever heard of multi-tier hosting? Mum 'resents' that her family do it 3 years ago

Have you ever heard of multi-tier hosting? Mum 'resents' that her family do it

Do you know anyone who does multi-tier hosting?

We all have different relationships with family members. Some we're closer to while others we don't see as much.

Multi-tier hosting is when some family members (or friends) are invited over to stay at one's house. Some are invited for longer periods of time while others just come for dinner or a drink.

One mum has a problem with it however, and took to Mumsnet to share her views.

She wrote:

"So at the top tier, you will be invited over the night before and perhaps night after. You get supper, breakfast, evening drinks and stroll about the house in your PJs as though you live there.

"Next tier down is perhaps an invite for the full day, arriving early and leaving late.

"Then it's those that are invited for lunch as well as dinner.

"Then it's us - very specific times, for example arrive 4pm for dinner at 6pm.

"It can't be explained by travel distance, other needs, ages of kids or anything like that. Not either down to any poor behaviour on our part, in fact we couldn't have tried harder but to no avail and have given up now.

"So AIBU or is who you invite when/where, for how long etc entirely up to the host and you should like it or lump it?"


Many users replied to the post with varying opinions. One said:

"I can understand guests travelling from a distance staying over night. Otherwise this treatment of guests is just poor manners.

"I'd rather have a crisp sandwich at home then make the effort for something like this."

While another wrote:

"YABU. You can’t expect only people with the space and resources to host every single invitee for multi-day sleepovers to host.

"It’s normal that someone would want the people they’re closest to to be with them for longer and not want more distant relatives like cousins or great aunts in their home for hours upon hours! Most people don’t have space for loads of people to sleep over."