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Family dynamics

03rd Jul 2019

Amy Huberman shares hilarious pics of BOD to mark their ninth wedding anniversary

Jade Hayden

“Why don’t you make this effort for me anymore?”

Nine years ago, the most iconic, incredible, and culturally relevant power couple known to man were formed.

No, not Posh and Becks. Not Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Not even Kim and Kanye.

We’re talking BOD and Amy Huberman, who nine years ago this week decided that they were going to become joined in holy matrimony thus making absolute sure that they secure themselves a full 40 seconds of airtime on their respective year’s episode of Reeling In The Years. 

During that time, they’ve gained the respect and adoration of the entire nation – a sentiment that was only exemplified when Amy reshared a series of gas photos of Brian to mark their anniversary.

Happy anniversary @brianodriscoll,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Why don’t you make this effort for me anymore. But because it’s a special occasion maybe you could dust off your Velcro sandals & sort a nice topknot updo and head out for dins..?”

Huberman then included the following images in her post.


That’s all there is to say about that, really.

The photos were originally shared by Brian on his own account last month as the retired rugby player considered some of his more prolific looks over the years.

“20 years ago today I made my @irishrugby senior debut,” he wrote. “Hard to know which was my best look.”

Yeah, couldn’t tell you, mate.

Huberman recently found herself all over the ‘Gram when she took a selfie with a J1 student whose mother had asked Amy to look out for her son while she was in the city.


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The author and actor told Her that she met up with the student, named Séan, to let his mammy know everything was all good.

“We were standing there with our bags and he arrived with his mates and we rang his mum,” she said.

“His mum was so lovely she was great craic. At first she was like ‘I don’t have my hair and makeup done!’ and I was like ‘you’re grand, it’s only on FaceTime!’

“But it’s so Irish, the J1, the mam, being over abroad, we were just like come on, we have to do it.”