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04th Jun 2019

Orphaned otter babies are rescued by vets and they’re SO adorable

Jade Hayden


Otters are adorable.

If you disagree with the above statement you are simply ignoring the factual and the true.

They are small. They are slippery. They are the greatest little boys in the world and they deserve the best and nothing less.

Unfortunately for a few otters in Oregon, they did not receive the best as they so deserved. Rather, they were abandoned and left to fend for themselves in the treacherous outside world.

The otters, a male and a female, were rescued by veterinarians at Oregon Zoo.

One of them was found wandering around a golf course and the other was struggling to make a life in a nearby construction site.

The otters were taken to the zoo’s medical centre before being deemed well enough to be introduced to the otter enclosure.

To mark this delightful occasion, the zoo shared a video of the otters playing, jumping, and snaking about proving that they are, indeed, the cutest animal.

Too much.

The zoo posted the above video letting all of their followers know that the otters have progressed so much since they were first rescued.

“Our preference for them would have been rehab and release,” said Amy Cutting, who oversees the zoo’s Great Northwest area. “However, wildlife officials said that was not possible so we’re happy we could give them a second chance.”

“We have a good track record with orphaned otters. Our adult otter, Tilly, was also rescued as a pup, and she’s helped raise an orphan as well.”

The abandoned otters were introduced to Tilly after their stint in the medical centre when they were well enough to engage with others of their kind.

“They started playing as soon as we introduced them,” said zoo veterinarian Dr. Kelly Flaminio.

“The smaller pup ate like a champ, and is more interested in solid foods than formula. The female only wanted to play.”

Adorable. Just adorable.


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