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23rd Jul 2018

Photo warns against walking your dog when the ground is too hot

Jade Hayden

Poor little guy.

It’s hot out there lads and it’s only going to get hotter.

Or maybe the temperature is levelling off now, who among us can truly say for sure?

Either way, right now it’s roasting and that means that the ground is too.

We don’t notice it too much because, being human beings, we tend to walk around in shoes and socks most of the time meaning our bare soles don’t do much touching of the ground… unlike dogs who are constantly out there braving the warm paths and tarmacs like there’s no tomorrow.

And while we always hear warnings about making sure the ground isn’t too hot for our dog friends, you’d like to think that people are just being cautious and that only in extreme conditions would a dog’s feet ever burn.

But they do burn – and someone has shared a photo to Twitter to prove it, and to warn others to be vigilant.

The poor little guy.

Paths and pavements (especially tarmac) heat up quickly and retain the heat.

So, before you think of bringing your dog out, check to make sure the road isn’t too hot by placing the back of your hand on the ground for five seconds. If it feels too hot for your hand, then it is too hot for their feet.

Alternatively, walk your dog on the grass or bring them to the park to prevent rips and tears on their feet.
As well as this, remember to always carry water for your dog to stop them from overheating or dehydrating, and if you’re travelling with a dog in the car make sure to leave a window slightly open for continuous air flow.