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25th Feb 2021

Scarlett Moffatt discovers ‘30% rain’ on weather app doesn’t mean chance of rain

Gogglebox and I'm a Celebrity star Scarlett Moffatt's TikTok explaining what '30 per cent rain' actually means has blown people's minds


Don’t act like you already knew this.

Former Gogglebox and I’m a Celebrity star Scarlett Moffatt has blown people’s minds with a simple yet extraordinary revelation about the weather.

When you check the weather app on your smartphone, and it says ’30 percent rain’, you assume that means there is a 30 percent chance it will rain in that area, at that time. That makes perfect sense. The scientists behind these forecasts can never be 100 percent certain of rain, so they hedge their bets with percentages and then we are left trying to decide whether to take a brolly with us or not on our daily walk. Right? Wrong.

As Moffatt explained in a TikTok that has since gone viral, 30 percent rain actually means it’s definitely going to rain, but only 30 percent of the area will be hit by said rain.

“All this time I’ve been caught in the rain and people are like, ‘Why haven’t you brought a jacket?’ and stuff like that,” she says.

“It’s because I’ve just found out than on the weather app, when it says ’30 percent rain’, I thought it meant 30 percent chance of rain.

“It doesn’t mean that,” explains. “It means that 30 percent of your area will be covered in rain.”

She then gesticulated that her mind had been blown, as seemed to be the case for most people watching as well, given the number of times the video was shared on TikTok and subsequently on Twitter.

@scarlettmoffattThey should teach you how to read weather apps in school and that ? ? #weather #fyp #fact #foryoupage♬ original sound – Scarlett Moffatt