Finding It Hard To Juggle Kids And Life? Maybe It's Time To Call In A Family Strategist 3 years ago

Finding It Hard To Juggle Kids And Life? Maybe It's Time To Call In A Family Strategist

You can have it all, they said. Nothing is out of reach, they said. 

Well now I am the master of my own busy little universe which is getting busier and harder to manage every year;

There are the children to feed, the dogs to walk, quality time with your husband (in no particular order!), friends to see, babies to bath, extended family to contact, work to complete, bills to pay, the household to clean, school to organise, your highlights to maintain and on top of this mountain of responsibilities, you still need to find time to pursue your own dreams.



Now in the US (where else) more and more families are seeking help from Family Strategists. These are experts at organisation, a qualified independent mind designed to help you step back and prioritise, while also simplifying your family life.

Here, seriously, take all my money. Immediately.

One such expert, Charlotte Avery, believes every family needs a structure to balance the individual role of everyone in the household. She is a mother of seven children from Washington D.C. and says it is essential to focus on building family support systems that will "show you how you can nurture healthy relationships, create practical household routines, develop positive family dynamics, and move forward in your vocation—all while maintaining your own unique identity."

The family strategist will drill-down into your lifestyle and cover topics from money management, parenting tips, relationship advice, household organisation and even anger issues.


Cute baby washing in sink

It is a big responsibility to be the creator of a positive family dynamic while doing night feeds. It is hard to raise children with integrity while puréeing. The women of today take it all on despite the fear of losing ourselves in the mayhem of motherhood.

My current family strategy is to hang on and enjoy the ride, despite the occasional force-feeding of green beans.

Our whites may be grey and our countertop sticky, but I always say it is our beautiful mess. Now someone get me her number.

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