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06th Jun 2015

Four creative parenting hacks that make Mommyhood easier

Everybody’s got some kind of great parenting tip don’t they? Parenting can be quite challenging at times and we all love something to make life a little easier. That in mind, I’ve rounded up my top four parenting hacks that have worked for me and my family… even if it looks like I was on the beer dressing my kid.

1. Place a puppy pad over and under a fitted sheet and place another fitted sheet on top of the puppy pad. If there are any late night accidents you simply remove the soiled sheet and pad without having to re-fit the whole bed or cot at silly-o-clock.


2. Help your baby sleep more comfortably and ease congestion when they have a head cold by rubbing vapour rub on their feet and putting socks over them at bedtime. I do it all the time, and it really works.


3. First-time mums, did you know most newborn nappies come with a built-in wetness indicator? The yellow line turns blue when their nappy needs changing, so no need to change your newborn baby on the hour due to uncertainty.


4. And finally: Is your baby notorious for stripping off their clothes and/or nappy? It’s very common for them to go through this phase and it will probably happen again and again, but if you have the in-laws over for dinner and would prefer baby to keep his little teapot intact try putting their onesie on backwards! It’s completely tamper proof!


Now I just have to find a self-heating mug so I don’t have to be constantly reheating my coffee in the microwave. That would be the ultimate parenting hack.

Kellie Kearney is an Irish mammy and an award-winning Parenting Blogger. A SATM to one fairy-loving five-year-old, an adventurous one-year-old and is expecting a baby girl in August (viral pregnancy announcement). She shares the up and downs of parenting, pregnancy and life as a SATM. Kellie can be found on her blog, Facebook, Twitter @MyLittleBabog or on Instagram

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