So, your friend just had a baby? Here are some tips on visiting a newbie mom 3 years ago

So, your friend just had a baby? Here are some tips on visiting a newbie mom

A new arrival is very exciting!

You feel like you've spent the past nine months counting down to the birth of your friends little one and now, they're finally here. And although this can be a majorly exciting time and you're super eager to meet your latest BFF, remember there's also a potentially sleep-deprived, sore and hormonal mum who now, has to do their best to adapt with confidence to their new role.

And therefore to make this new transition easy for all involved, here's some advice and tips ahead of that important first visit.

Wait for your invitation

The first few days are HECTIC. The priority is on making sure this new baby adjusts to life in the world and will need their mom's attention 24/7 so... send a card, email or message congratulating the parents on the birth, and mention that you’d love to meet the new baby when they’re ready, and then wait to be invited.

 Stay away if the sniffles are on the way

New babies have fragile immune systems, and they are especially vulnerable to sickness. So, if you are feeling anyway under the weather, rearrange your visit for when you are feeling better so you don't risk making a newborn baby unwell.


Bring food, new parents need feeding too!

This is the greatest gift you can bring. Yes, they'll love the baby pyjamas set but they'll also adore anything they can munch on. Many new parents struggle to find the time to cook, eat and wash up while caring for a brand new family member so, do them a massive favour and bring something over, from nibbles to a stew, we can be sure all will be devoured.

Don’t jump for cuddles too quick

Don't get too excited when you arrive, the baby could be asleep and you don't want to wake up the baby. The same thing when it comes to cuddles, be understanding that you might have to wait until later or even the next time for a cuddle if the little one is snoozing.

Know when to hand the baby back

This has to be one of the biggest peeves for new mums - when guests arrive and don’t want to give back or share the baby. Have a quick cuddle but remember to give her/him back to their mum where they feel most settled and safe.  If the baby starts crying during your cuddle, no matter how short or long the cuddle has been, offer them back to the parents unless they say otherwise.

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