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05th Sep 2017

These genius blocks are turning computer coding into a game

According to experts, coding is an essential 21-century skill

Trine Jensen-Burke

Coding, according to the experts, is pretty much the language of the future.

Which is why it is pretty vital to get out kids interested in learning it pretty much from the get go. Especially girls, who, certainly if today’s figures are anything to go by, tend to lose interest and be left behind as men continue to dominate fields of work where coding and computers are involved.

Coding is being taught (to an extent) in schools, but developing an interest for this digital “language” is something we can all work on at home too. And now a new “toy” will help you do just that.

Say hello to Algobrix, the Lego-compatible Coding game that will let your children learn to code – in a way that makes it all seem like a fun (yet super-educational) game.

With the help of different blocks, children will learn about things and terms like loops, robot navigation, multi-threading, parameters and algorithmic thinking – all while they are also having fun.

Sounds too good to be true?

Take a look at this video that explains the game better: