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11th Aug 2019

This GENIUS buy lets you turn every handbag into a nappy bag

Have you heard about these, mamas?

Trine Jensen-Burke

When I was pregnant with my first baby I took great pleasure in shopping for all the bits needed.

Cots, slings, muslins, Bugaboos, you name it, I was all over it.

However, when it came to finding the perfect nappy bag, I swear I must have trawled the internet over and back again for a bag I actually would mind carting around for the next couple of years – to no avail.

Seriously; my first question was this: Why are they all so ugly? The second thing I wondered was why the heck all baby bags on the market were sized as if you were going away for a mini break – not just stepping out to your local park or running errands to your nearest shopping centre – which, to most new mums, is pretty much your daily venture.

I mean; if I happened to actually be going away for a week or so, surely I could just pack my actual weekend bag, no?

Anyway, the search went on up until after the baby had actually arrived, and still no luck – meaning I was literally just shoving a couple of nappies and some nipple shields and spare babygros into whatever handbag I had on the go when I was heading out with the baby.

Until a stylish friend tipped me off about Totesavvy.

The most genius invention all mamas should know about, clearly.

What it is? Totesavvy is an insert for your handbag – letting you turn pretty much any handbag into a fully functional nappy bag.

The inserts come in two different sizes and four different colours, and just look how easily you can plop one into your handbag, turning it into the most stylish nappy bag you have ever seen: