Head Teacher Slams 'Lazy Parents' in School Newsletter 7 years ago

Head Teacher Slams 'Lazy Parents' in School Newsletter

Everyone remembers that one child in their class who always came to school with dirty clothes or unwashed hair.

When you become an adult however, the memory is even more heartbreaking because you realise that child was failed by their parents in a very basic way.

These days, schools have procedures for starting a discussion with parents if their child appears to be inappropriately dressed or neglected.

But, as many teachers will agree, they are not always effective.

Tired of seeing her pupils arriving at school unwashed and wearing dirty clothes, one head teacher decided to take action by posting an open letter to 'lazy parents' in the school newsletter.


Judith Barrett, of St. Michael's Academy in Yeovil, Somerset, said it was clear to her that the children in her classrooms were getting themselves ready for school while their parents remained in bed.



Here is her letter in full:

School Uniform:

"A very big thank you to all of you who send your children in to school looking clean and tidy and ready for their school week. These are very important life habits to get into which will serve them well in adult life. Unfortunately I have noticed an increasing number of children who are coming to school in a pretty shocking state. They are dirty, unkempt and not in appropriate school uniform, if in any uniform at all. Today, being that it is a Monday, quite a few have returned to school in dirty clothes and obviously haven’t had a shower in readiness for Monday morning.

There are also an increasing number who are not making any attempt to wear black school shoes, in line with school policy. There are also a lot of children who are getting themselves up in the morning and in to school as their parents are still in bed. In a country where there is plentiful running water and washing machines, and shops like Tesco offering entire school uniforms for £10, it is a pretty poor indictment of the parenting skills of some of our families.

I totally appreciate that life is hard for some of you but please make sure that your children are clean and ready for school and that includes the correct clothes. Starting next week I intend phoning home to contact parents of children not in uniform including black shoes, and you will be asked to take them home."

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