'It's heartbreaking': Daithí Ó Sé on being away from his son for work 4 years ago

'It's heartbreaking': Daithí Ó Sé on being away from his son for work

"I just hate being away from himself and Rita."

Daithí Ó Sé has opened up about the difficulties of living and working in different parts of Ireland and having to be away from his son.

The presenter lives in Galway with his wife, former New Jersey Rose Rita Talty and their two-year-old son Míchael Óg.

He commutes to Cork each day to present RTÉ's Today Show.

"It’s very hard, I just hate being away from himself and Rita, they went to America over the summer and it was heartbreaking, he told The Irish Mirror.

“I was explaining to him, Daddy has to go home to work and he just said, ‘Go now’.

"I just had my hand in my head going to the airport thinking how hard it was and two seconds later sure he was playing with Tractor Ted, and there was poor daddy on the ground, but we do the video calling every day which makes it easier."


The Kerry native denied that he and his wife were planning on growing their family any time soon.

"We’re doing very well with the one we have at the moment, we’d be afraid another child would upset the house."

He admitted that his priorities have changed greatly since he became a father and that he's started steering clear of the "pains in the arses" in his life.

"Life is tough enough, you’ve to provide for your baby, your wife and your home and anything outside of that is not worth getting upset about.

"Look we’re all trying to pay mortgages and I suppose when you get married and have a child you realise what the important parts are."