Here's How To REALLY Stay Safe This Halloween 3 years ago

Here's How To REALLY Stay Safe This Halloween

Halloween is an exciting time for children; fireworks, bonfires and, of course, the stash of sweets they come home with after their trick or treat extravaganza. But it is also important to make sure they stay safe, as it can also be a dangerous time of the year. 

We caught up with to Clodagh Coffey, Head of Consumer and Digital Communications with the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) for their top tips on how to really stay safe this Halloween.

  • When shopping for costumes and props for Halloween, make sure you check that they have the CE mark before you buy. Certain products- this includes toys- sold in the EU, must comply with specific safety regulations. Toys must also carry the CE mark which shows that they meet the required safety standards. The CE mark should appear on the product, in the instruction manual or on the packaging.
  • Children’s costumes are classified as toys so you should watch out for the CE mark when you are buying them. All masks and other similar Halloween props should also have a visible CE
  • If you are buying props for your child’s costume, remember these may not be classified as toys and therefore may not be safe for your child.
  • Costumes should fit properly to prevent trips and falls. Avoid items such as oversized shoes, high heels, long dresses and long capes.
  • If your children are out trick or treating, place strips of reflective tape on the back and front of costumes, so that drivers can see them better.
  • Novelty Halloween lighting, similar to Christmas lights, are very popular at this time of year. All electrical products sold in the EU must comply with safety standards, check they have a visible CE mark and have full contact details of the manufacturer and importer.
  • If you are buying face paints which are marketed at children (for example have a picture of the child on the packaging) then they should have a CE Always check the packaging displays clear ingredients and instructions for use in English and has the manufacturer’s and importer’s contact details.

Children in autumn park at Halloween

  • Be careful with candles at Halloween around your home as they can pose the risk of your child’s costume catching fire.
  • Remember, fireworks are illegal, as well as dangerous.

For more Halloween safety tips and info on how to enjoy Halloween on a budget, check out the CCPC’s consumer site