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04th Oct 2017

Katie Price opens up about her kids’ showbiz ambitions on Loose Women

Too much, too soon?

Anna O'Rourke

Katie Price has opened up about her kids’ desire to be famous.

During a conversation about child stars on ITV’s Loose Women, she said that her kids have had a number of opportunities come their way but that she’d rather they stick with school.

“Being in the industry, my kids get offered things but obviously I still think they should have their education first.”

Her daughter Princess, ten, has a book coming out, she said, while 12-year-old son Junior has been approached about releasing his own clothing range.

Junior wants to be a vlogger on Youtube, she added, but Katie admitted that she’s wary of her kids becoming famous in their own right.

“It’s because I’m in the industry that I don’t like the industry, because you know what it can be like.

“He wants to be the star like that but I have to rein him in.

“(I tell him) ‘you can’t go on this just because of who you are… you can’t because you’re different’.”

The kids are only allowed to promote their projects during their school holidays, she said, stressing that they are “normal”.

“I’m not pushing them; the thing is, we’re so normal at home.

“They’ve already done jobs, they don’t go to stage school.”

Earlier this year, Katie confirmed that Princess would be doing her own publicity when the book is released.

“She’s open like the rest of the family, so when she’s interviewed she will answer back, she’ll be doing a press call and I can’t wait!,” she told The Sun.