Kids inherit intelligence from the mothers, study finds 4 months ago

Kids inherit intelligence from the mothers, study finds

They got it from their mama!

If you've got a little genius at home then it looks like they take after their mama.

According to a new study, kids get their brains from their mothers.

They inherit a lot from us whether it is our curly hair, our terrible singing voice, and our height, or lack thereof.

But, scientists believe one thing children definitely inherit from their mums is their intelligence.

Sorry to all the dads out there, but you can't take too much credit for your little brainiac.

A study was conducted by the Medical Research Council Social and Public Health Sciences Unit in Glasgow.

Their research revealed that the X chromosome is reportedly responsible for carrying intelligence.

They explained that men only have one X chromosome, but women have two. This means children are twice as likely to inherit their brains from their mama.



In the study, the team interviewed children every year between the ages of 14 to 22. They analysed everything from the child's education, socia-economic status, race, and upbringing.

Their findings clearly showed that the child and their mother's intelligence levels were similar.

Scientists stressed that only 40 to 60% of your intelligence is inherited. This means your environment also plays a strong role.

The child may inherit their smarts from their mum, but researchers stressed that both parents can influence their intelligence.

Children tend to inherit more of their intuition from their fathers, the team stressed. Their dad's genes can also influence things like their emotions and even their height.

Mams, feel free to feel a little smug if your kid is a little genius. It is (mostly) thanks to you.