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11th Jul 2019

The LEGO Big Brick Experience is coming to Farmleigh and we’re so excited!


This sounds amazing!

The Big Brick Experience is coming to Farmleigh House in Dublin this summer and we can’t wait.

The Exhibition showcases the best of Construction toys, 3D Puzzles and Football Stadium replicas as well as Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.

Taking place all across the summer holidays fans of the Big Brick Experience will be excited to see the new sets added to the collection for this year, such as the Fire Station to the LEGO Winter Village series, and the latest Modular Building, the Corner Garage.

The LEGO Modular Buildings are some of the most detailed LEGO Sets with loads of playability and also the best value for money.

The Big Brick Experience will also take visitors to the Wizarding World of JK Rowling with the iconic Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the magical Hogwarts Express, Quidditch Pitch and the infamous Whomping Willow.

Michael Finan, the man behind the Big Brick is particularly excited about two new sets for the 2019 Big Brick Experience. Both from the LEGO Ideas franchise, the Ship in the Bottle is a classic example of maritime art recreated in LEGO.

Michael anticipates that the Pop-up storybook will be a real hit with the kids and adults alike. The Pop-up storybook is based on two iconic Fairytales of Jack and the Beanstalk and Little Red Riding Hood, and the Book would be right at home on a Bookshelf or Library.

The Big Brick Experience will be on display from now until the September 1 at the Cow Shed Gallery, Farmleigh House & Estate, Phoenix Park, Dublin.

The display is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm with adults tickets costing €3, children over 12 costing €2 and all children under 12 going free.