Man refused to pay his wife’s hospital bill because she had an epidural 2 months ago

Man refused to pay his wife’s hospital bill because she had an epidural

Prepare to get very angry...

Yes, you did read the headline right. A man actually did refuse to pay his wife's hospital bills because she chose to have an epidural.

A user by the name of @thiscassgirl posted a shocking and almost unbelievable story to Reddit during the week that caused outrage on the internet.

The woman wrote in a now-deleted blog post that she had been happily married for seven years but everything changes once she gave birth to her first born and the hospital bills arrived.

For context, she also mentioned that in the marriage, all finances were split equally.

She wrote: "Everything was going well and we were in our little newborn bubble of bliss until the hospital bills came."

"Throughout the duration of my pregnancy, I planned to go for an unmedicated natural birth with as little intervention as possible.

"That was up until I hit the 24 hour mark of labor, I caved and got the epidural, which I was open to having if needed.

"My husband had no problem with it, even encouraged it."


This couple live in the US meaning their hospital bills and medical insurance would be quite expensive.

She continued her story and said: "When the bill came he wanted me to pay all $8,000+ after insurance from my personal savings.

"I asked why and he said, 'You're the one that couldn't hold out for a few more hours and hacked up the bill with all your meds and an extra nights stay.'

"He said he shouldn't have to pay for all of my extra requests. If I wanted luxury, I should expect to pay for it."'

"I was stunned, and flipped out... He refuses to budge, calling me a princess for expecting him to pay for all the 'extra add ons' I requested in the hospital."

Is your blood boiling yet? Thought that.

This woman did in fact pay the hospital bills in full without any help from her husband.

She said she still feels disrespected and as a result of the whole situation, they don't talk that much.

The new mum concluded the post by asking readers: "Do I have the right to feel this way or is it just hormones? Am I the asshole for expecting him to contribute towards the cost of my childbirth?"

Honey, you gave birth to his baby too.

We know how we feel about this story but what do you think?

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