Meet The Irish Woman Transforming Sportswear For Mums Post Birth 5 years ago

Meet The Irish Woman Transforming Sportswear For Mums Post Birth

Did you know that a whopping one out of three women worldwide suffer from pelvic dysfunction? 

For many, the problems begin after childbirth as both pregnancy and birth cause huge strain on pelvic muscles, but factors like heavy lifting, lower back problems or a chronic cough can also increase the risk of pelvic problems.

Many women find they struggle to partake in sports, especially running, after having had a baby, and it was just this issue that forced Drogheda-based Irish mum-of-three, Yvonne Brady, to come up with her a product that women are now wearing all over the world.

"I returned to jogging after the birth of my third child," Brady explains. "I started walking and gradually built up my stamina, and eight months later I was taking on the challenge of a marathon."

The problem? She felt like she wasn't getting enough support from the running wear she had, or any other brand that was on the market at the time. "Everything was bobbing up and down and I didn’t feel secure or confident. It was starting to affect my race and I was holding back"

And out of necessity, as we all know, innovation is born, and Brady, who is an engineer by trade, started looking for a solution to the problem.

"I started carrying out research and realized that the repetitive downward forces were causing further damage to my core," says Brady." And in order to protect myself and other women I was inspired to create a brand of sportswear that would prevent over-bracing and allow women to exercise safely."


And eventually EVB Sport was born, and was quickly embraced by women all over the world.


"We have been very fortunate to have worked closely too with some amazing physiotherapists, like the internationally renowned Maeve Whelan from Milltown Physiotherapy Practice, as well as Cinny Cusack Physiotherapy Manager in the Rotunda Hospital" Brady explains.

"When you think about it, there are approximately 640 muscles in the body. Some of which are the visible ones like biceps, triceps, glutes and quads. But what supports them and the rest of the body are three core muscle layers. These muscle layers, known as the pelvic floor, are practically invisible and rarely spoken about, let alone exercised."

This is where EVB Sport shorts and running tights change things, and provide support for women affected by pelvic troubles.

"Our sportswear is for all women of all ages," says Brady.  We have post pregnant women, women that haven’t had any children as well as young athletes contact us and also women who have given birth at any stage of their life."

The EVB Sport range is engineer design, with structural panels providing a 'hammock-like' effect around the core muscle groups that are the pelvic floor and lower back. In fact, independent research from Royal College of Surgeons and Dublin City University demonstrates that the sportswear is proven to reduce impact on the body's core muscles.

"Our patent protected technology in the sportswear mimics the function of the pelvic floor muscles to create a hugging type effect to support the organs," Brady explains.

"The elasticated high waist with compression uplift helps to stabilise the internal organs and encourages the correct alignment of the pelvis. They will stop you from actively over-bracing your muscles as you try to support the organs yourself or in response to your symptoms. In other words; EVB Sport shorts act like a really good sports bra…for your core."

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And it is not just women with pelvic problems that find the EVB Sport wear great.

"Good pelvic health is of paramount importance to everyone, and the pelvic floor muscles are, to use an engineering term, ‘the foundation of a house’," Brady explains. "And while mothers are most at risk due to pregnancy and childbirth many other women can benefit from them; elite athletes from gymnasts, to trampolinists, runners to netball players and anyone playing high impact sports is at particular risk of developing poor pelvic health."

EVB Sport shorts, capris and tights are available to buy from Elvery's Sports and