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26th Aug 2016

Mother Warns Other Parents After Baby Is Burned By iPhone

A mother of three has issued a warning to other parents after her five-month-old baby suffered a nasty burn from a phone screen. 

Rebecca Gleeson, from Yorkshire, was out for a stroll with her baby daughter Rose and sons Evan and Kian when the baby started to cry and she noticed a red mark on her leg.

On further investigation, she realised that the phone she had put in the baby’s pram for safe keeping had accidentally switched into camera mode, causing the screen to heat up.

The hot phone then slipped underneath the baby inside the pram, burning her thigh.


Speaking to Gazette Live, Rebecca said:

“Rose had had her injections on Monday and had a temperature for a couple of days so I thought she just wanted a cuddle.

“And as awful as it sounds I had my hands full with Kian.

“I had left my phone down the side of her pram and when she has wriggled it’s gone under her leg,

“I felt horrible, I was absolutely gutted. I felt dead guilty about it.”

Now Rebecca is warning mums and dads to avoid popping items such as pones and keys into their baby’s pram while walking. In a Facebook post on the incident, she said: “Feeling like such a bad mammy but wanted to tell so other people don’t do it.”

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