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15th Sep 2022

This mum is afraid that she may have given her baby the wrong name

Melissa Carton

Choosing a baby name can be difficult.

On my first pregnancy, we knew what baby names we wanted straight away and had one for a boy and one for a girl. On my second pregnancy, we couldn’t stick with a definite name especially when it came to boy’s names.

This one mum was sure she had picked the perfect name for her little girl, but now that she has her registered she’s gotten cold feet and thinks she should have chosen something else.

The mum of two posted to Netmums to seek some advice;

“Hi all, my daughter is 12 days old, we have named her Claudia. We both loved the name and had it picked while I was pregnant. We have had lots of little personalised presents and have registered her birth last week.
Since registering her birth I’ve had doubts about her name, I feel like a bit of an idiot for considering changing her name so I’ve not mentioned this to anyone in real life. The new name I’m considering is Alice. I never felt like this about eldest dds name so that’s making me feel like I’ve made a mistake.”

She also mentioned later in the comments that her other daughter is named Anastasia, as well as a photo of the baby stuck in the middle of ‘namegate’.

While many of the posters sympathised with her naming woes, many saying that they had been through the same themselves, most felt she should stick with the name she had chosen.

“I would stick to Claudia it’s a lovely name. I felt the same with my little girl I let my dh decide her name and didn’t really take to it but it does suit her and can’t imagine her with any other name now.”

“To me, she looks more like a Claudia than an Alice; I also think Anastasia and Claudia sound lovely together.”


My own daughter is called Alice and while I love the name I agree with the commenters that Anastasia and Claudia sound better together.

I didn’t know the baby’s gender when I was pregnant with my daughter and while I decided that it would be Alice for a girl I couldn’t pick a boy’s name that I really wanted.

My son is called Eric so I wanted something that would well alongside it but from Sam to Elias to Kiefer, I just couldn’t make up my mind. It’s a good thing we had a girl in the end because I think I would have ended up second guessing the name we chose like this mum.

Some posters felt that if she really wasn’t keen on the name she should change it quickly rather than continuing to wonder if she’d picked the right one;

“Claudia is a fantastic name. But if you are going to change it do it quickly. The longer you leave it the weirder people will think the change is.”

“I think Claudia is a gorgeous name! But if you’re having doubts you should speak to your OH and if you both want to change it then you should. A name is a big decision and it’s better you change it than continue to regret it. Don’t feel silly about it at all though.”

Names are something that we carry with us our whole lives so choosing one for your child can take a lot of time and consideration.

My parents told me what other names they had picked for me and I’d be lying if I said that I hadn’t wished they’d gone with one of the other options they had sometimes. Saying that if they hadn’t called me Melissa I would probably be saying ‘aw why didn’t they call me that?’

What do you think?

Have you ever second-guessed what you called your child? Do you think she should change her daughter’s name?