Mum faces backlash after asking for cash instead of presents at child's birthday 3 months ago

Mum faces backlash after asking for cash instead of presents at child's birthday

A mum has received some backlash after she asked guests at her daughter's birthday party to bring cash instead of presents.

Many people have been left divided online after a mother from Sydney requested that anyone attending her four-year-old daughter's birthday party bring a cash gift instead of physical presents.

Taking to Sydney Mums Facebook Group, the mum wrote: "My four-year-old is turning five soon and we are planning a birthday party for her.

"Is it okay to mention in the invite that we would prefer cash contributions rather than gifts? The intention is to have a compilation and then get her to go shopping for her a gift of her choice.

"We just live in a two-bedroom unit, so we don't really have space for a huge amount of toys."

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They finished up the post by asking other mums would they make a similar request for their child.

Most parents disagreed with her, saying they would never ask for money when it came to a birthday party for their child.

One parent said: "I don't think many people would be happy reading that invite. It puts them in the awkward position of trying to figure out the 'right' amount to give."


A second agreed: "This is awkward, especially if it's a daycare/school friend that you don't know that well. What's acceptable? Also, I think part of the joy at their age is opening up the gifts and it being a surprise."

While most people disagreed, one mum said: "We asked for cash instead of a gift for our daughter and have used this money on her swimming/dance classes instead. We were moving and expecting a baby so the 'stuff' would not have been appreciated."


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