Study claims that if you're a mother, you're more productive at work 3 years ago

Study claims that if you're a mother, you're more productive at work

I will argue – and I think most mums will agree with me – that when it comes to getting s**t done, mums are superheroes.

Seriously – since becoming a mum, my productivity levels – and ability to multitask – are second to none. Why? Well, because that's how we stay on top of things, isn't it? Mums can't let the ball drop, and because of that, we become masters of just dealing with things – crossing things off our ever-chock-a-block to-do lists and, well, keeping the show that is family life on the road.

And it's not just our home-lives that benefit from our increased productivity, actually.


A fascinating study from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis recently found that not only were mothers more productive in the workplace than their childless peers, but those with at least two kids were the most productive of all. In order to quantify productivity, scientists analysed the amount of research published by more than 10,000 academic economists over the course of their 30-year careers.

Oh – and the benefits of having kids doesn't end there.

According to researchers from Carlos Albizy University in Miami, once a women has kids, she may also experience improved memory.

In a series of experiments, scientists gave new mothers a visuospatial memory (the ability to identify and recall information about your surroundings) test. What they found was that those with children performed as well as or better than women without kids.

The reason for this, the lead researcher of the study suggested, is that mums need improved visuospatial memory in order to quickly scan their environment for dangers.