Mums, this little girl’s request from the Tooth Fairy is priceless 3 years ago

Mums, this little girl’s request from the Tooth Fairy is priceless

Kristen Hewitt has revealed what her daughter wanted from the Tooth Fairy and it will make you chuckle.

Don’t all parents dread the day the existence of Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are called into question? When the magic begins to wear off and the questioning starts it can be a little overwhelming.

Of course, everyone is different but for many parents, it’s nice to keep the mystery and excitement alive before breaking the news.

Mums, you might not expect to laugh when the doubt creeps in but television writer and producer and mum of two, Kristen Hewitt, was doing just that when nine-year-old Lila and six-year-old Emy colluded and hatched a plan to get the Tooth Fairy to reveal her true identity.

Yep, clever Lila called her mum’s ultimate bluff and asked the Tooth Fairy for a selfie!

The mini tech wizard even thought to include her iPad password to enable the Tooth Fairy to fulfil her request.

Oh the things this generation of mums has to deal with!

We love Lila’s attention to detail as she even transcribed her message out a second time, in case the Tooth Fairy couldn’t read cursive.


In the funny Facebook post, Kristen reveals herself and her husband considered their options saying,

“My husband and I talked about me putting on a wig, wings, and adding a bright light behind me to actually take a selfie. And we also looked at tooth fairy apps”.

In the end, Kristen penned a simple note from the Tooth fairy explaining that she would “lose her powers” if she were seen and asked “What’s an iPad?” before signing off as “Tabitha” the Tooth Fairy (everyone loves a bit of alliteration).

Kristen admitted that she “felt immense guilt" about lying to her children about these mythical creatures, but went on to say that they will "figure it out soon.”

Do you sympathise with this sentiment mums or do you think childhood is about these whimsical experiences that shouldn’t be seen as lies?

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