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18th Apr 2015

New parents write a demanding letter to relatives about son’s birthday gifts

Is this for real?

Sive O'Brien

We know how frustrating it can be when your child receives a ton of presents that YOU don’t want and they don’t need, but these parents possibly went one step too far in their bid to prevent that.

Ahead of their son’s first birthday party, the pair decided to send their relatives a letter, which was posted on Reddit, clearly outlining their gift buying guidelines. The email included specific items that the family SHOULD buy, as well as items to steer clear from and the reasons why.

Asking their family to “please refrain from personalised gifts that can be used outside the house” they explained that “clothing with names is the number one thing that leads to kidnapping”.

They also asked that their son doesn’t receive any more books (beyond the book on the suggested gift list), as he currently has “25 additional books waiting for him in storage” once he is over three years of age.

Other demands included restricting gifts to two items per household, and asking that “going forward” all gifts not on the list include a receipt. It’s definitely one way of dealing with things, although we can only imagine what the “formal invite”, which according to the letter is due to arrive in their mailboxes soon, will be like.


Most demanding 1st birthday invite ever - Imgur