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07th Jan 2019

New York is making changing tables in male restrooms a legal requirement

Melissa Carton

New York plans to make baby changing facilities in male restrooms a legal requirement this year.

The new rule comes after an outpouring from dads looking for better facilities and a viral photo of a dad changing his baby on a toilet floor due to a lack of a changing table.

New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced back in April that the state would provide diaper changing stations in public buildings. The new rule is due to come into effect later in the year.

Only last month I wrote about how I was impressed with Dublin Zoo for including changing facilities for dads as well as mothers and how more public places should adopt the idea.

Modern-day dads are taking on a more hands-on role with their children than any other generation of fathers and it’s time that this was reflected in the services available to them.

Hopefully, Irish cities will soon take the same approach as New York and make life just that bit easier for dads across the country.