'From owning a dog to having a circus' Jennifer Zamparelli shares advice on becoming a mum-of-two 4 years ago

'From owning a dog to having a circus' Jennifer Zamparelli shares advice on becoming a mum-of-two

Being a mom ain't easy.

And Irish comedian and TV personality, Jennifer Zamparelli is well aware of this. As a mother of two under three-years-old, Jennifer and her husband Lau have their hands full looking after Florence and baby Enzo, who was born in January of this year.

Speaking exclusively to HerFamily, Jennifer chatted about the difficulties of going from one child to two.

"It's like going from owning a dog to having a circus. I was worried Florence would be jealous and that it would be difficult for her when we were introducing Enzo to our tight three."

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However, Jennifer quickly learned what suited her family dynamic and what she needed to do to make sure both children felt like they were receiving equal love and attention.

"I stopped breastfeeding after a couple of months so I could go places and do things with just Florence and leave Enzo with my husband and my family" Jennifer explained.

Sharing advice for moms who are about to have baby number two, Jennifer revealed that you need to "become an expert in time management" and figure out what is best for you.


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"I had people well warned to not run to the new baby when they arrived at the house and to say hello to Florence" she added, revealing that naturally friends and family are so excited to see your new arrival however, you have to remember that there is another little set of eyes keeping tabs on the fact that attention is swaying from them and they could feel left out.

Jennifer also added that she feels a lot more relaxed as she begins the development stages with baby number two. In terms of the weaning process which new research from Milupa the specially grown cereal made just for babies, reveals to be the most difficult stage for Irish moms, Jennifer feels a lot more prepared.

"With Florence, chocking terrified me" Jennifer explained as she added that a lot of anxiety comes with weaning your first child especially due to the fact that they are learning how to swallow and this can be daunting for new moms. But now the 37-year-old is aware that this is normal and there is no need to feel rushed or stressed during the weaning process, every baby is different and every baby will complete the process at their own pace, in their own way.

If you're nervous about the weaning and want some information on the different stages of the process and important points to note, you can check out all the tips and tricks from Milupa here.