Parenting expert shares 6 tips to stop your kids fighting with each other 1 year ago

Parenting expert shares 6 tips to stop your kids fighting with each other

Very handy to know.

Now that both my kids are home from school for the summer the inevitable arguing has started.

He's using the cup I wanted. It was my turn on the swing. They turned off the show I was watching.

Just a constant stream of giving out to each other or about each other.

It can get pretty exhausting as a parent trying to diffuse these fights so here are some great tips to help you have an argument-free summer.

Laura Erskine, a mum-of-three and spokesperson for the BabyDoc Club, shares with us her top tips on preventing fights among siblings;

1. Prevention

Praising good sibling behaviour, or rewarding it at times, will encourage a more positive relationship between your children.


2. Don’t compare

Comparing your children can lead to sibling resentment so it's best to steer away from phrases like 'look how good your sister is being' or 'why can't you be good like your brother?'

3. Fairness

It’s important tot establish with your children that being fair doesn’t mean they are treated the same way at the same time.

Differences in age might have an effect eg. not expecting your toddler to be as well behaved as their 12-year-old sibling.

Allow your child to ask you why you're being more lenient on a younger sibling and explain your reasoning behind it rather than just letting them feel hard done by.

4. Get involved but be neutral


It's important why diffusing an argument between siblings that you don't take sides.

Listen to what both of your children have to say and when it is dealt with have them both apologise to each other.

5. Solve the problem

Collaboration is key to resolving any conflict, so make sure you weight up those pros and cons of any solution.

By starting a conversation with general statements that summarise the issue, you should take account with both points of view.

6. Asking for help

If one or more of your children seems to be displaying aggressive behavior that you feel is concerning seek our expert medical advice.

There could be an underlying issue that your child needs help with.