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Family dynamics

13th Jan 2023

Experts urge parents to stop saying babies are shop-bought

Melissa Carton

According to the experts honesty is the best policy.

“Where did I come from?” and “how are babies made?” are questions most parents can expect to face without warning from their kids.

New research suggests parents start readying their response for when their child turns six, with many still opting for a few little white lies along the way.

When faced with these flustered encounters, a resolute four in 10 (40 per cent) parents say they answer their child openly and honestly.

A third (32 per cent) simply explain babies are born when two people love each other very much, while one in 10 say they’re picked up at the shop.

Parents also disclosed some of the other birth-related questions their kids have asked, from “If you chose me from birth, why didn’t you choose another baby?” to “Did we come from the moon?”.

Another parent explained how her four-year-old daughter responded to part of an explanation with the adorable “Oh yes, when I was a little seed?”.

One in 10 parents survey, said they still tell their kids that babies are shop-bought.

Speaking on the findings PhDr. Ivana Poku2 adds:

“It’s important we tell children the truth, considering their age. What works really well is reading books on specific subjects, together.

We’ve got a ‘Let’s talk’ book at home, and it has worked really well. It explains things in great detail (considering children’s age of course) and it made our job as parents much easier.

Another tip is to show your child pictures or videos of babies in their mummy’s tummy and let them ask questions as this supports bonding and builds trust.”

So while as a parent it may be tempting to tell a couple of fibs when it comes to where babies come from, according to the experts, honesty is always the best policy.