School BANS handstands and cartwheels after 'minor injuries' 7 years ago

School BANS handstands and cartwheels after 'minor injuries'

When I was a kid, handstand attempts and cartwheel twirling filled the majority of the average summer. These days however, it seems both activities have been deemed too dangerous for a child to attempt after a school banned them outright.

The Old Priory Junior Academy in Plymouth, Devon, has informed parents that all 'gymnastic activities' are no longer allowed after a number of minor injuries were reported to staff.

Parents have criticised the ban, which a teacher revealed was brought in because children were attempting "gymnastic movements beyond their capability."

Mum Sarah Evans told the Plymouth Herald: “It is officially the world gone mad. I can see why they are probably doing it - but I wouldn't say I agree with it. In this world of health and safety I am not surprised.

“If I was not allowed to do cartwheels and handstands as a child I would have felt deprived.”


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