7 New Years resolutions every parent makes 11 months ago

7 New Years resolutions every parent makes

There's nothing quite like the slap in the face you get when you wake up and realise another year is gone.

"What the crap? Where did that year go?" you hear yourself say. Again. A new year, a touch of the fear from a New Year's hangover and suddenly your mind is filled with reflection, regrets, delusion (on a grand scale) and general takings of stock.... you know, uplifting things like that.

All is not lost, though, because you and me, like most parents, make New Year's resolutions we kinda know we're never going to keep – let's face it, guys. Because Christ, being a parent is hard enough without having to beat yourself up with a big fat you-should-do-it-better brush.

So, although you (like me) spent last night convincing yourself this would be the year you become better/nicer/more patient *insert promise to self here – who really has the time or energy to add more pressure to your lives when it's full to the tippy top with general daily mayhem.

Maybe this year will be different, we all think on New Year's Eve... here are just a few (seven) things I told myself last night and last year, and the year before. And last night, like all the others, I really convinced myself this year will be different. And you never know, maybe I'll surprise myself.

What about you?

1. I will develop the patience of a Saint

Would it kill you to be more patient? Would it?! Count to bleedin' ten when the children make you feel like you're about to lose your goddamn mind. Imagine someone is watching you, you must look demented. You can do this. People do this – mindful, calm, serene people.

2. I will manage my time


2017 is the year I will NAIL this work/life balance thing. You are powerful in the face of exhaustion. It will not beat you.

3. I will be so organised

THIS is the year I will re-arrange the hot press. It has never happened before, but I can feel a hot press renaissance coming on. All the feelings of being organised and having matching bedclothes are upon me right now. I can do this.

4. I will make an effort

Yoga pants for yoga. Trousers for everyday 'normal' activities, like 'normal' people. Repeat: Yoga pants for yoga, trousers for.....

5. I won't use screens as childcare

No more digital daze – enough with the virtual babysitting and screen time – sorry, kiddos, this year, we become Luddites. Until you fall asleep. Then, it's mine. ALL mine.

6. I will carve-out grownup time

More hot dates. Less play dates. A date night a week WILL make us happier parents. Happier parents = happier children. We'll get to know each other again. We won't talk about the kids. Or logistics. Or house stuff.

7. I won't feel guilty

No more guilt. Time to stop beating myself up. My kids seem okay. They are slightly obsessed with screens – ANY screens they can manage to wrap their dazed little minds around, and the youngest is definitely a bit nutty – but in the grand scheme of things, I'm able to bring them out in public, so we must be doing something right. This year I'll stop feeling like I am doing it all arseways.

What New Year's resolutions are you making mams? Let us know your thoughts in the Facebook comments.