The shutdown is going to bring on the second coming of bad mom haircuts 3 years ago

The shutdown is going to bring on the second coming of bad mom haircuts

Everyone is about to have 1990s curtains.

So, all the hairdressers are closed which means most of us won't be getting our roots touched up or a trim for quite some time.

My salon has warned me on pain of death not to go anywhere near a box dye so I'll be rocking the 'root drag' look for the next while.

It isn't only mums that need to visit the hairdressers though and only just days before lockdown I was saying that my son's hair needed a trim.

But now he can't go to the barber, which means I'm going to have to be the barber. Considering I have no hair cutting training it's a good thing he can't leave the house because he won't want to once I cut his hair.

During the 1990s I ended up with quite a few 'interesting' hair dos thanks to my grandmother who often got too scissor happy with my fringe.

My mam came home one day after one of these hair cuts and said and I quote 'your fringe looks like Dublin Castle'.

My husband on the other hand had the infamous bowl cut and yes his mother would literally stick a bowl on his head and cut around it. Needless to say he looks gorgeous in his Communion photos.


The bowl cut trauma might be why he grew his hair down his back as a teenager.

Now with all of the salons and barbers closed I foresee a lot of children walking out of this lockdown with the same tragic haircuts that we used to get.

It'll be like a makeover. No one will leave quarantine looking like they did when they entered it.

To be fair they'll make for some great photos to stick up at their 21st birthday party.

Trust me kids, you'll learn to laugh eventually, just like your parents did.