Sinead Holly Painting to hold beautiful Womb Painting Workshop 2 years ago

Sinead Holly Painting to hold beautiful Womb Painting Workshop

This sounds wonderful.

After having my children I found it hard to socialise like I used to. Getting out and about to meet friends or take up hobbies was just that little bit harder.

Recently, since they've both started to get a bit older, I've started looking into new projects and hobbies that I could get involved in both to learn a new skill and to meet new people.

That's when I came across Sinead Holly Painting and her womb painting workshops and I was immediately coloured intrigued.

During the workshop women will all paint intuitively together on a big piece of canvas, Sinead will guide you throughout.

Participants will be encouraged to work on each others painting to connect and create the final image.


"Through my own art practice and art therapy research I believe our wombs have a consciousness and she wants to speak.
At the end of this workshop you will all get to take a piece of this painting away with you, forever connected to your sisters and your womb through this creative process.
All materials, tea and light snacks included.
This will be a small group, we will foster a safe, supportive and joyful environment to paint together."

I love painting so anything art related is right up my alley but the concept of doing it as a shared art project interests me even more.

I feel like a lot of the time as adults we often yearn to do things like we did in school and to have fun with other adults while creating something new.

To me Sinead's Womb Painting Workshop sounds like the perfect opportunity to do that.

Anyone wishing to attend can book their place or find out more about this or other similar workshops can by contacting Sinead at