A slime a day keeps the screen away (and other ideas to get your kids playing in 3D) 6 years ago

A slime a day keeps the screen away (and other ideas to get your kids playing in 3D)

A digital detox is not just for adults.

Now it is all about arts and crafts over mine craft.

Slime is the newest trend when it comes to getting your children away from the TV and encourages scientific thinking. It has leapt in popularity in the US with sales of the 'Elmer’s Glue' which can be used to make it skyrocketing.

This low-tech slime is just another more physical activity that's making kids shut down the computer - loom bands is another and bottle flipping was the bane of parents lives everywhere last year.

In the spirit of science and encouragement of physical activity, we have our own version of slime that you can also punch.

So get your kids sleeves rolled up and get squeezing...

What do I need?
Cornflour, bowl, water, food colouring

How do I do it?
Mix equal parts cornflour and water (with a few drops of food colouring added)

How is this science?
Stick your finger into the slime. It is goopy and slimy - yuck! Then try punching the slime! Wow, it feels hard. The cornflour is made out of teeny tiny jagged pieces- they look a little bit like jagged rocks. When you move them around quickly or add a force, they jam together tightly. When you slowly dip your finger in using not much force the cornflour pieces tumble over each other and let the water move in between making it flow like slime.


This slimy scientific technology is being used by the army to make liquid armour for soldiers. See, science can be cool too - and not an Ipad in sight.