TCD researchers are looking to speak to same sex mothers in Ireland 4 years ago

TCD researchers are looking to speak to same sex mothers in Ireland

Trinity College Dublin is looking for mothers in a same-sex relationship for an ongoing research project.

Doctorate students Mary Keegan and Anna McInerney are looking to speak to women parenting in same-sex relationships to discuss their experience of being an LGBT parent in Ireland.

The research will be focused on two aspects, with one exploring the motherhood experience of birth mothers and the other exploring the motherhood experiences of non-birth mothers.

The aim of the study is to give participating women a platform to share their perspective of motherhood.  The students hope to add the results to their growing literature on the motherhood experiences of minority women, specifically those in the LGBT+ community.


Even though a new bill was signed by the cabinet last month extending the rights of gay families it does not include same-sex couples who received IVF treatment abroad. Because of this many lesbian mothers still, have no official rights when it comes to their children.

The criteria for this study are that you have planned a family with your same-sex partner and either you or your partner has given birth to your child and if you would like to take part you can through the following contact details.

For birth mothers, contact Mary Keegan
For non-birth mothers, contact Anna McInerney

For women who have experienced being a birth mother as well as a non-birth mother, can contact either email. For more information visit GCN.