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20th Jul 2019

The nappy bag hack that is so handy you will use it again and again

A good one.

Trine Jensen-Burke

To any mum (and dad) who has ever experienced rooting through a full-to-the-rafters nappy bag looking for a nappy or a dummy or some spare socks, you will no doubt be as excited about this clever little hack.

It was US mum Elizabeth Rasco who, having faced this struggle for all too long, shared this genius solution to her Facebook page – and needless to say, she blew a lot of parents minds.

It was first shared online two years ago but has been doing the rounds on social media over the weekend so we thought it was worth going back to.

The California-based mama explained that the wonder was indeed accidental discovery – which, as we all know, if often the best way to discover new things.

Using a thin elastic headband, Elizabeth attached a pack of baby wipes to the top of a regular wipes dispenser box. This left her a TON of extra space inside the box to pack an emergency onesie, plastic bags for dirty nappies and clothes, and a disposable changing pad.

Which means, of course, that not only is she saving on space in her nappy bag (her back and shoulders will thank her for it, no doubt), but she is also now keeping all her necessities organised and stored in one place.

With this hack, you can literally just grab your changing kit without having to dig around in a bottomless pit, aka the nappy bag.

Now, not only will this be great during your day-to-day outings, but we think this one if a must-do for when you are traveling with baby in tow, for sure.

(Feature image via ToteSavvy)