There's a vegan in the house! Cook with The Happy Pear and create a yummy meal for the entire family 3 years ago

There's a vegan in the house! Cook with The Happy Pear and create a yummy meal for the entire family

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Is there a vegan/vegetarian in the house?

Having that one teen who has their mind set on helping animals and saving the world can often be met with panic.

What do they eat? How are we supposed to feed them at dinner time?

No need to fret mums and dads, we can still raise happy, healthy teenagers on these diets, it just takes the correct nutritional balance and learning all the different flavours and foods we can add to our meals — the simple switches to help cater for all tastes and diets. Yes, it can be simple!

So, we've teamed up with SuperValu to ensure happy and fulfilled tastebuds all-round, and to help take the hassle out of mealtime.

We're looking to recruit three different groups with different dinner scenarios across the HerFamily, Her and JOE platforms. So if you sound like you match the following criteria, please consider joining The Happy Pear in the kitchen (and on-screen) to create something so simple and delicious!

A family that includes a vegetarian or vegan


The Happy Pair have seen success in getting so many people to eat oodles of vegetables, making mealtime feel fun, new and nutritious! We'd love for YOU and your family, that includes a vegetarian or vegan, to get cooking together with Dave and Steve. We can only promise it'll be lots of craic and you'll leave eager to eat more gorgeous fruit and veg. Sign up here!

Over on Her, we're also looking for:

A young couple with two different diets

Maybe you're a vegan/vegetarian or someone who's looking to include more fruit and veg in their diet, while your other half is a carnivorous meat-eater through and through. Either way, we'd love for you to sign up here on Her to have the chance to join us in cooking up a storm on-screen with Kevin Dundon.

So, food-loving families of the nation — sign up below to have endless amounts of fun cooking together, making mealtime fun once more and having an all-new and delectable (veggie) dish to eat together.

Fill out my online form.

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