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07th Apr 2016

This Handy Free App Makes Playground Trips Safer

Ever reached the local playground or park with the kids in tow, only to discover broken glass by the swings, or rubbish dumped by the slide?

A new app aims to help make things safer for children by allowing parents to alert others in their area if they spot something dodgy or dangerous.


Developed by Dublin-based company Arameye, new map-centered social application CITLY allows users to share and discover events and stories taking place around them as they happen, by posting video and photographs.

Visiting a new city with the kids? Investigate the local sights, parks and activities first in real time to check them out before committing to a trip. You can only post from a certain location while you’re physically standing there, so users can rest assured the information posted is up to date and trustworthy.


Founder Sufian Al Aswad told, “Users can pin photos and message directly on a simple map interface using sentiment tags to further emphasise the nature of the post – a hazardous area for children, broken glass at the playground, potholes or a disgraceful display of litter. Such events can be reported to local authorities, example. #city_council or #Garda. therefore, enabling a sense of active and responsive community.”

So far so handy.

There’s no need to register if you don’t want to, just select the Free Bird option or log-in using Facebook or Twitter. There’s also no ads or annoying in-app purchases either.


Interested? Download it for free here. The Android version will be released towards the end of the year.

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