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29th Nov 2017

Three totally fun free things to do with your small kids at home

Sharyn Hayden

As the weekend rolls around one more time, we parents start planning precisely what it is we can do with the kids to inject some family fun into the two days!

If finances are tight, then there’s nothing cheaper than getting everyone all wrapped up for a big walk outdoors and back home for hot chocolates and games.

Kids just love hanging out with their folks so much so put the gadgets down and plan for some good old fashioned fun together.

Here are three ideas for easy family games for small kids this weekend:

1. Musical Statues

An oldie but a goodie. I don’t know any small kids who don’t like music or dancing. So designate a dance floor area, get some tunes on and watch them try to keep a straight face as they ‘freeze’. Too cute. The winners get an extra (tiny) marshmallow in their hot choc.

Playful little girls having fun with their mother while dancing.

2. Keepsies Upsies
There always seems to be a random balloon hanging around our house. It’s either leftover from Christmas or a recent birthday party and it somehow escaped being binned. Kids LOVE balloons, so why not spend some time passing it to each other and doing your best to keep it from touching the floor. Bonus points for using your elbows, heads and noses!


3. Under the Bridge

My kids can spend an endless amount of time running towards me, crawling through my legs, running back to the starting point and going again. The challenge is that I have to try to hug them and they are thrilled when I miss them every time. All I have to do is stand with my legs apart and open and close my arms like a Monchicci. And pray that my groin stays intact.

Studio shot of family of three wearing blue jeans