#ToBeHonest: the tea and toast after giving birth is the best meal ever 1 year ago

#ToBeHonest: the tea and toast after giving birth is the best meal ever

Forget about your four star cuisine.

If you've given birth in an Irish maternity hospital you know all about the best meal ever which is the post labour tea and toast.

It's iconic, it should probably have a little golden teapot and toaster statue somewhere in the country at this stage really.

The first time I gave birth it was via emergency C-section so the only thing I could have afterwards were ice chips, which are no craic whatsoever.

The second time around when I had my daughter it was a different story. I had her, like my grandmother would say 'like a drink of water', and during skin to skin contact I could hear the tray coming.

Oh yeah, it was the tea and toast, bring it on!


I had heard a lot of mums big up how amazing that first cuppa and toast are after you've given birth and they were absolutely right.

After hours of contractions and pushing a tiny person out of me that first sip of tea was other worldly.

Maybe it was the exhaustion, maybe it was because I hadn't eaten in a couple of hours, but I don't think I've ever enjoyed toast so much in all my life.

People bring up September 27 and I'm like yeah that's the day I had the really good toast and they'll say no I was talking about your daughter's birthday.

I wasn't a fan of any of the other hospital food I was given so I really didn't think the tea and toast would live up to it's reputation, but it did.

I honestly think we need to forget about cafes specializing in fancy avocado toast and cold brews and go back to the basics because all of us mums know, there ain't nothing like that maternity hospital tea and toast.