Today is the day my son became embarrassed to hug me in front of his friends 3 years ago

Today is the day my son became embarrassed to hug me in front of his friends

I knew it would happen eventually.

All kids hit that stage when their parents are suddenly no longer cool to be seen around anymore.

Children start to become more self aware and more self conscious about what their peers might think of them and they always want to try to appear as mature as a possible.

When this happens hugs and kisses at the school gate become a thing of the past.

Most mornings I drop my son off to school and it's usually "I'll see you later", followed by hugs and kisses.

This morning was a little different.

My son's school has a breakfast club and this morning he decided he was going to pop along with some of the other lads to it.


The children attending the breakfast club usually wait in a certain area of the school yard and as we began to approach it I started to do our usual goodbye routine.

No quicker had I said 'see you later' and he had bolted and I knew why. He didn't want the big group of boys in the yard to see him giving me hugs.

first time

I knew it would come my way eventually, especially with my son as boys always try to look tough in front of their friends but I didn't expect it to happen quite so soon.

Maybe I should of, my little brother seemed to be born a bloke. Even though he's a softie he always hated showing public displays of affection it damaged his tough guy façade.

Still it is a bit sad as a parent even if you can see it coming as it's the end of yet another chapter in their journey of growing up.