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17th Nov 2018

Wait until you see the note Jennifer Garner’s daughter left her (because celebs are just like us)

Trine Jensen-Burke

I’ll admit I have a bit of a girl crush on Jennifer Garner.

I mean; what’s not to love? She is adorable. She is a working mum of three who just seems to get that work/mom balance just rigth. She reads stories on Instagram with her dog (yes, really), and she seems to be one heck of a cook as well (still judging by her Instagram account).

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#PretendCookingShow— fish sticks! They’re fast. They’re delicious. #makeextra ?Full episode is on #IGTV? . Ingredients: 1 lb of tilapia 1/4 cup of flour Salt Pepper 1 egg 1 cup Panko Bread Crumbs (regular or whole wheat) 3/4 cup Corn Flake Crumbs (or any sweet cereal you like, smashed to bits) Canola oil (or oil of your preference) . Directions: 1.) Trim your tilapia into fish stick size pieces. You want them to be of similar size and thickness. There is always one side of the fillet that is thinner so I make those into “wide and flat sticks” ?‍♀️ 2.) Gather three bowls to use for your batter station. . Bowl 1: 1/4 cup of flour, a few big pinches of salt, about a teaspoon of fresh ground pepper. Bowl 2: crack one egg, add a little water, mix with a fork. Bowl 3: combine the Panko and corn flake crumbs. Have an empty plate ready to catch your fish sticks when they are battered. . 3.) Start at bowl one, coat fish piece in flour, shake excess. Dip in bowl two, shake excess. Drop in bowl three, push crumbs into fish until fully coated. Place on plate. Repeat until all fish pieces are done. 4.) About half way through battering, I like to start heating my oil. About 1/4 inch on medium/high. 5.) When the oil is ready, place 5 to 6 fish pieces in your pan (or whatever will fit, giving them some breathing room). 6.) Prepare a plate covered in paper towels to catch fish sticks when they come out of the oil. 7.) They cook through fast. Pay attention to the color. When they are a deep golden brown, flip. When both sides are sufficiently brown, remove from pan and place on paper towel. Sprinkle with salt immediately. 8.) Repeat for remaining fish sticks, add/heat more oil if necessary. 9.) Yum.

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As well we this, she inspired me to do my very own ‘Yes Day’ with my kids (read all about how that went down here).

However, it turns out, much as Garner is my ultimate #momgoal her own kids just see her as a regular mum – and one who clearly sets firm boundaries and rules too. At least if her nine-year-old daughter Seraphina’s recent note to her is anything to go by:

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Is this a nine year old burn? Or the ultimate compliment? #funkillingmom ??‍♀️ #illtakealovenotehoweveritcomes

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The mum-of-three has previsouly spoken about being pretty strict when it comes to letting her kids eat junk food (high five, Jen!), but that Yes Day ought to weigh up for that no? Or what about that time the Hollywood mum was spotted wearing

Either way, I think I might have to agree with Jennifer on this one – sometimes even the funnest mums have to be a bit of a fun-killer – and let’s wear that badge with some serious pride, mums!