The We Are All Scientists exhibition will help your little one discover their inner scientist 3 years ago

The We Are All Scientists exhibition will help your little one discover their inner scientist

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You could have the next Einstein on your hands.

We love ourselves a science exhibition. Honestly, "bringing the kids" is just an excuse for us to go ourselves. It's definitely a bonus that they enjoy them too though.

There's a new exhibition on this week in honour of Science Week and we just have to bring the little ones. Pfizer has partnered with Science Gallery to create the We Are All Scientists pop up exhibition, where your kids will be able to engage in five creative experiments to see if they possess the key characteristics of a scientist. All while having loads of fun, of course.

The exhibition is in the CHQ Building and is open from 10am to 5pm and finishes up this Sunday. The aim of the initiative is to inspire everyone to think about science and to look at how they can play a part in scientific discovery and innovation (and, most importantly, finding out if your little ones should be a scientist themselves!).

The kids will have a better appreciation of the struggles involved in scientific research and discovery as they take part in their own journey of scientific experiments.

Upon entering the exhibition space, visitors will engage in those five creative experiments that each focus on different characteristics. The activities explore Curiosity, Creativity, Clarity, Discernment and Resilience, and they all aim to highlight the challenges that come with being a scientist.


In anticipation of the exhibition, Pfizer carried out their own research, the Pfizer Health and Science Index, to find out how science is perceived as a subject and what parents think of their kids being taught science in school.

They found that a huge 82 percent would like to see more of a focus on science in primary school, while an overwhelming majority of 92 percent either would or have encouraged their children to study science or computer science.

The number of students aged 18-24 graduating from a third-level STEM course in Ireland remains pretty low at 35 percent, but it is, at least, an increase on older generations.

The We Are All Scientists exhibition is here to teach your kids what it really means to be a scientist and to show them how much science contributes to the world around them. Getting kids interested in science from a young age can be so beneficial as they move into the later school years. This exhibition could help bridge the gap between the overwhelmingly positive associations with science (as seen in the study) and the self-doubt expressed at having what it takes to study science at a third level.

To find out more about the exhibition and the kind of exciting experiments your kids will be taking part in, visit the Dublin Science Gallery website.

All ages are welcome at the exhibition so bring along the whole family and find out which of you has what it takes to be the next Einstein.

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